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Spring Update 2013

I thought I would bring my livejournal watchers up to date with what's going on with my life and everything at the moment!

I've been very busy doing a lot of drawing. Much of it is on how-to-draw books which will be coming out this year:

And some of my favourite pieces done over the past few months that I'm allowed to show (I've done loads more, but they'll be in the books so I'll hold fire on them till the books are available to purchase XD):

Of my personal works, I'm hoping to get my webcomic FujoFujo! up and running again, volume 2 of Love Stuffing partway drawn during this year, a contribution to a new Sweatdrop Studios anthology and a new, fully illustrated fantasy light novel called A Brush With Magic :3 The reason why I think I can do all of these things is because of some major changes happening to my life...


I'm pregnant! It's a boy and he's due in early June 2013. It's quite exciting for me and my extended family and friends - he will be my first child and I intend to raise him as a fabulous gentleman. As such, I'm pulling back from large publishing contracts, comic events and school visits from about mid-April through to January 2014, so that I can be a full-time mum for a little while, and only do small bits of work, personal art stuff and collaborations with friends.

Of course, I can't possibly just do one life change thing at a time... I've just bought a new house! It was something we were trying to get since last summer, but the sellers took AGES to sort out all the paperwork and now we finally have the keys. It needs a lot of renovation work to the upper floor structure, so it'll be a couple of months at least before that is ready for us to move into. But we're comfy, we still own our current house and we aren't in a rush to sell it so even if the work does take longer, we'll have a roof over our heads!

It is a beautiful project though; it's fully detached, with a back garden around 80 feet long and front driveway large enough to hold 3-4 cars. The house is sloped at the front, creating a vaulted ceiling in the main, open plan living area. The living space has a chimney, so we'll put in a woodburning stove. The kitchen is u-shaped and large. The dining area is in front of the double doors leading into the garden. There are four bedrooms, where I'll use the downstairs ensuite as my studio/library/guestroom. Upstairs will have the main bedroom, a good sized room I will turn into a dressing room, a family bathroom and a large room for the baby (and possible future sibling?).

This of course means I'll have to do A LOT OF SHOPPING!!! ♥♥♥

For the house: Solid wood floors in ash greys or limed oak. Metallic gold painted feature walls. White walls everywhere else. This will set off any artwork I hang around, and work nicely with bold furniture. I have my heart set on a dining suite in black/cream solid marble. Black leather sofas. Dark mahogany or walnut antique or reproduction solid wood furniture to complement my antique piano and other antique pieces around the house. Traditional rugs in heritage or Persian designs.

For the baby: Stokke pram, car seat, baby carrier and high chair. Arlo walnut cot bed, Cosatto changing unit. I want dark woods, whites and brights! Clothes: blacks, whites, greys and brights. I particularly like the quirkiness of the bodysuits and sleepsuits from http://www.alternatots.com so that I can avoid the typical baby boy clothes in blue with cars and football.

If you feel left out of the loop, you can always catch up on more frequent updates from me through Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook ^^