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2012 - Autumn update! :)

Longtime no see, livejournal friends ^^ Like my announcement on the top of my LJ page, I have mostly moved over to Tumblr for general updates and blogging, I use Twitter for snippets and I also try to update my Facebook, but I will make more of an effort to update on here as well.

Over the past year, I've been working on several book projects which are only due to be released next year (always the way), but in the meantime, I had volume 3 of Aya Takeo printed, so you can now buy the complete set!

In fact, if you buy the complete set from me directly at any event, you get a SPECIAL DEAL! You can get all 3 books for £25 and you get a poster/set of prints included. DETAILS HEREhttp://sonia-leong.tumblr.com/post/19625208953/aya-takeo-event-special-bundle-for-25

These are the new art prints from me, available to buy directly at the Sweatdrop Studios stand at the upcoming London MCM Expo this 26-28 October 2012!

You may have seen the art come in little updates over the past few months, but this is to document the newest ones that I will be having printed all in one place, for longtime fans who want to pick up my latest prints ^^ For more details about the sizes they’re in, prices and for ALL THE OTHER DESIGNS I HAVE AVAILABLE, please head to this thread on the Sweatdrop Studios Forum!

Some more general information about this upcoming London Expo:

Sweatdrop Studios will be attending the London MCM Expo, as usual! 26-28 October 2012. We will be found in the Comic Village section and will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Members who will be attending include:
Rebecca Burgess (bex)
Hayden Scott-Baron (dock)
Irina Richards
Morag Lewis (Sunkitten)
Shazleen Khan (+Shiny)
Sonia Leong

Head to http://www.sweatdrop.com/about-us/ to read more about us and see which comics and books we made!

Please come and say hi to us at the table - we only have 2-3 friends/spouses acting as sales assistants so if you speak to someone at the Sweatdrop stand, most likely it will be one of us, the creators behind the books ♥

We will also be offering lots of stuff aside from books!
Lucky packs/BROKEN BISCUITS! (old comics or small defects)
Original Art Prints in A5, A4 and A3!

Several of our members will be happy to do sketches for you if you ask! We are all very individual though, so our styles are very different, we may use different sizes of paper and offer different finishes (pencil, inks, coloured markers). Our prices ranges from £5 to £20 depending on the request. Always subject to availability, as our members need time off for food and shopping too 

Some of Sweatdrop Studio’s members will be involved in running teaching sessions for Letraset at this October’s event! They are happening over Saturday and Sunday. Keep checking their blog to find out more details, or enquire at the stand on the day and drop in! http://letrasetblog.com/
Morag Lewis will be running sessions on Manga Storytelling and Preparing For Print.
Sonia Leong will be running sessions on Head Construction & Design and Drawing Hair & Choosing Styles.
We hope to see lots of you there!!!